Adult Children of Immature Parents

Adult Children of Immature Parents - Bear Psychology Radio Show with guest Dr. Lindsay Gibson hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky.

Not everyone has a picture-perfect childhood. In fact, some of us grow up in homes where our parents need parenting or we have to parent ourselves.  Dr. Lindsay Gibson’s book “Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents” helps you overcome the crushing role of catering to parents who were (for whatever reasons) not up to the job of parenting.

Listen our conversation with psychologist & author Dr. Lindsay Gibson as we travel with her to learn about “Adult children of Immature Parents”.

Dr. Lindsay Gibson is clinical psychologist, author, and assistant professor with a passion for human conflict and helping others develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Dr. Gibson’s book helps you to understand how "immature parents" function; learn to resolve guilt or shame when you stop over-helping them; and start to listen to your own needs so you avoid being emotionally drained in the future.

Listen our conversation with Dr. Lindsay Gibson as we explore the effects of emotionally immature parents and how you can recover from the devastating impact of growing up in a  neglectful and/or toxic home environment.

Dr. Gibson explains the effect these relationships can have on your emotional autonomy in future relationships including: your ability to identify and express your thoughts and feelings; struggles with setting limits and boundaries with others; as well as the ability to establish rewarding relationships as an adult.

She also explains ways to combat these effects so you can develop enhanced connections and relationships with others.

If you are interested in more information about emotionally immature parents, combating the effects of their toxicity, and how to grow meaningful relationships, this show is for you.

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