Be You, Only Better – Real Life Self-Care

Our topic is guided by grief specialist and author of “Be You, Only Better”, Kristi Hugstad.

Kristi's book gives practical strategies for facing real life hardships.  Ms. Hugstad lost her husband to suicide 8 years ago and has been grappling with the loss ever since.  She described her life prior to the suicide in glowing terms.  But following the devastating loss of her loving spouse she faced social rejection, extreme grief, and guilt.

She described a loveable, popular husband who was a successful gym owner. They sold the business with the plan of retiring early. This was the beginning of his unexpected spiral into depression and eventual suicide.

Her book outlines how she faced this loss and details the kinds of real life strategies a person can employ to face struggles.  The book outlines simple, straightforward approaches – like journaling, mindfulness, healthy sleep, exercise and sound nutrition to face life struggles.  The conversation gets into the real impact of life losses and the importance of recognizing mental health struggles as we grow and change.

Although the book is focused on youth, it applies broadly to people needing some practical tools to face the demands of life.  Even before COVID, mental health challenges were significant.  COVID-19 isolation, lockdowns, losses and restrictions have affected everyone in unexpected ways, leaving more people vulnerable and needing support.

We embed hope and growth into the dialogue.

So let us continue the conversation together … raising awareness and speaking about what matters.

Links & Resources:

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