COVID Tired-Quarantine Fatigue

We discuss why the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving us feeling exhausted, demoralized and unsettled – let’s call it “COVID Tired”. The talk of feeling tired seems to be seeping into many conversations lately. The timing was right to try and make sense of COVID Tired and what we might do to help LIGHTEN the mood on

Feeling TIRED during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Well, there are good reasons why you feel this way.

We start by acknowledging what is happening, learn about reasons why COVID Tired is occurring for so many of us and include ideas of how to deal with the fatigue in meaningful ways.

From parents working full-time while educating, cleaning, cooking and entertaining a family; medical professionals who spend time donning PPE to keep themselves and staff safe; or grocery store staff left with the task of ensuring carts are wiped down and shoppers wear masks…we are all feeling more TIRED during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s also remember how exhausting it is emotionally to deal with the uncertainty of health, jobs and finances right now.

Are you frustrated with having to continuously wash your hands, wear masks, wash down groceries, and use hand-sanitizer until your hands are raw?  Well, you are not alone and have joined a growing number of people feeling this way in what is now recognized as  “Caution Fatigue“.

There are many reasons for an increase in anxiety, fear and depression during this time that naturally lead to feelings of exhaustion.  Whether you have lost a family member, friend or acquaintance due to COVID-19 or are fearful of getting ill yourself. Whether you are engaged in self-learning, working from home, not working and not studying (bored silly?), living in a tight space where there is no quiet, feeling job insecurity or trying to start your career with no prospects. Perhaps you are losing/lost a business/home or sense of freedom, financial worries, or preparing for a retirement that has now been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic – these can all create a draining feeling that is difficult to shake.

There is also a sense of loss about all the things you used to love to do or at least ways in which you filled your time, or helped you feel like life was meaningful.  Are these activities still possible or MUST you look elsewhere for feelings of fulfillment?  These are other sources of demoralization that often lead us into a tired, run-down feeling.

Let’s start by just simply acknowledging that this is true for us, it is really happening and our exhaustion is not our fault or imaginary.  You are in good company with so many others who are trying their best to cope in this difficult time.

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