Cultivating Core Creativity

Cultivating Core Creativity - Bear Psychology Radio hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky with guest Dr. Ronald Alexander.

I know you are creative and innovative at your core. However, most of us just don’t know how to access the deep wealth of creativity that sits inside. Dr. Ronald Alexander’s book “Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self” guides you through using mindfulness practices to train your mind so that it more easily opens the portal to core creativity: the unconscious mind.

I am really excited about this show as it focuses on opening up to a powerful element of our true nature.

Listen to our conversation with psychotherapist & author Dr. Ronald Alexander as we learn ways to go beyond ordinary creativity and unlock your creativity.

Dr. Ronald Alexander, PhD, is a psychotherapist and international trainer who has spent more than 5 decades guiding and advising both renowned artists and the rest of us regular folks in his effective strategies for opening the portal to core creativity.

Dr. Alexander’s book uses a number of effective tools including powerful guided visualizations, meditation, insights from highly creative artists, stories of ordinary people who achieved clarity and profound transformation, and more to provide those interested with a practical guide through the creative process.

Listen to our conversation with Dr. Ronald Alexander as we move through areas we feel stuck in and grow our confidence in their creative abilities using the mind states of Absorbing Mind, Open Mind, and Generating Mind to access our core creativity.

If you are interested in Dr. Alexander’s insights on cultivating core creativity and unlocking genuine creative breakthroughs, this show is for you.


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