Embracing Black Lives Matter

We discuss Embracing #BlackLivesMatter: A Conversation on Trauma, the Courage to Speak Out, Compassion to Witness and How to Respond on Realityradio101.com.

We pay attention to the deep and traumatic roots of Black Lives Matter and unpack the layers of how to respond effectively as individuals and within communities. I dialogue with mental health professional, Ornge trauma team lead and anti-racism trainer, Tom Walker.

After the murder of George Floyd the public outcry continues to be a powerful voice that is awakening the world to the injustice of systemic racism that so many have turned their backs on for too long.   At this critical moment while witnessing continued acts of social injustice and violence against Persons of Color – it is important that we take pause to understand what it means to Bear Witness while engaging in right action moving toward meaningful solutions.

I am personally in awe of the continued courage and persistence of those directly participating in the Black Lives Matter protests happening in the U.S. and around the world. Those who are putting their voices and actions forward, are speaking out clearly about what has to change in our perceptions, in our daily actions and in the way we create societies that will truly respect and include everyone with dignity and equality.

It is no doubt, hard for many to focus and listen deeply to the painful voices of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. There is much shame in “white privilege” and there is longing for some to turn away. It is important to address one’s own views and be uncomfortable with the reality of racism in our lives. This is the moment to grapple with the reality of our inaccurate perception of being “nice normal folks, in a nice normal world”.  This is simply not always true, and with this limited perspective, we may fail to see the experiences of friends, neighbours and colleagues that are confronted with racism every day.

We discuss and explore:

  1. Why #Black lives Matter accurately represents the issue and Why “All Lives Matter” phrase is a distraction.
  2. What #Defund the Police, actually means and how it could benefit all including policing services. Michael Moore does a great job explaining this. Also related is “8 Anti-Racism Policing Policies that Cannot Wait”.
  3. What the Anti-Racism Experts like Reni Eddo-Lodge, Robin DeAngelo, and Resmaa Menakem (author of Notice the Rage; Notice the Silence” ongoing.org) have to say.
  4. What White Fragility Is (Robin DeAngelo coined the phrase) and knowing when it strikes.
  5. Using “Love, Kindness and Wisdom” to help us through this. Resmaa Menakem provides incredibly meaningful guidance on this.
  6. Why Anitifa is NOT the same as #Black Lives Matter and why you need to know this.

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