Forced psychiatric confinement–Who is at risk

Forced psychiatric confinement – Who is at risk? - Bear Psychology Radio hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky with guest Rob Wipond.

We may believe that asylums are a thing of the past but practices of enforced psychiatric confinement continue today, much to our surprise.  Author Wipond, argues that, now more than ever, North Americans are being forced into treatment and involuntarily committed supposedly "for their own benefit."

Rob Wipond’s book “Your Consent Is Not Required” gives us a look into the psychiatric practices of forced interventions still in place today in some private and public mental health facilities.

Wipond describes mental health institutions using psychiatric confinement to manage school children; disoriented elderly; quell family conflicts; police the streets; control people in shelters and prisons; “resolve” workplace disagreements; detain protesters; discredit whistleblowers; and shockingly fraudulently increase hospital profits, plus more.

Wipond’s book details coercive use of mental health interventions used today in some public and private hospitals, group and long-term care facilities, troubled-teen and residential treatment centers, and even individual’s own homes under outpatient commitment orders. He found that these interventions often include surveillance against will, indefinite detention, and powerful tranquilizing drugs, restraints, seclusion, and even electroshock.

Listen to our conversation with investigative journalist & author Rob Wipond as we unpack the common misconception that only “dangerous” individuals get committed and dive into some of the traumatic practices supposedly used to “help” those struggling with mental health complexities.

We explore Rob Wipond findings and research full of alarming true stories and hard data from both the US and Canada’s mental health systems.

If you are interested in Rob Wipond’s take on concerning confinement practices in North America, this show is for you.


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