Frontline Heroes – COVID Pandemic

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We address the impact on first responders/front line workers everywhere with two experts Dr. Brad Lindell of NC-CM and AAETS ( ) and Daniel McGuire of CISM Perspectives (

These include emergency room staff, doctors, nurses, clinicians, mental health practitioners, pharmacy staff, grocery staff, those still serving food/drinks, maintenance people, construction workers, and all the people out there showing up to help us continue to function, live, and deal with the demands of this world right now.

This is an incredibly demanding time, those on the front line are seeing things and experiencing struggles that cannot be compared with anything that has come before. There are strong feelings of fear, uncertainty, anger, frustration, grief, confusion and more.

I realize that the struggles will continue beyond the end of the pandemic for those who remain distressed over what they have witnessed, experienced, lost and fought during this time. This will start to show weeks, months and years after the impact.

For now, I believe we all need to be part of the conversation and try to help in ways that allow for open dialogue and figuring out what helps most.

There are many things that we know make a difference in managing the daily stressors that you might find useful from the resource link page HERE

I will be adding to it regularly with updated materials, suggestions and ideas.

Whichever organization you belong to, it would be good to create virtual Town Halls where those on the front line can address their issues and inform those in roles of management.

There is so much that is unknown and so much that front line workers need to teach us in order for those in positions of leadership can make the best choices to address the overarching demands and needs during this time of crisis.

We all need to listen and stay connected, even when we are physically distant.

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