Healing Family Connections

Healing Family Connections - Bear Psychology Radio with guests Ronnie Tichenor and Jennie Weaver hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky.

In a house full of turmoil, sometimes the person who you hope has your back may become your enemy. Sisters Ronni Tichenor and Jennie Weaver know this better than most. In their book “Healing Begins with Us” they share their journey in overcoming childhood abuse that pitted the two against one another.  In the book they discuss how they healed and strengthened their sibling bond after a tumultuous upbringing.

Listen to our conversation with Ronni and Jennie as we navigate their traumatic childhoods, learn how they broke the cycle of intergenerational abuse, and learn how to begin a family healing process.

Ronni Tichenor has a Ph.D. in Sociology with a specialization in family dynamics and Jennie Weaver is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with experience in mental health.

Their book details the abuse that occurred in their childhood, how they managed to repair their relationship with each other and move forward in life to create their own healthy families.

Listen to our conversation with Ronni and Jennie as we discuss how toxic environments can change sibling connections, helpful insight and advice on how to heal from your own painful upbringing, and how to heal tumultuous sibling relationships.

If you are interested in more information about healing family connections after trauma, this show is for you.

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