Life in New COVID World

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How are you managing in this new COVID world?

"the hope that something good can come out of this collective state of "together, apart."– Elena Nicolaou, Mar 19, 2020

Things have changed so rapidly that everyday life seems like "a surreal life".

I walk to work and the streets are empty, I enter my building and no one is in the elevator. I arrive at my floor, open my file cabinet and begin to see clients – although now, every interaction I have is online or by phone. I cancelled all my social plans and now I have Video Zoom dinner parties, visit with friends and family by phone and email, text and chat through WhatsApp. I just realized that if my efforts for creating a social network were not strong before this, I would be truly suffering as I am a social being and I need to feel close to others. These ways of connecting are not the same as the warm hugs and direct smiles I might be used to but they do make a difference. They keep me feeling connected somewhat.

Dealing with COVID Stress

There are so many people out there trying hard to make a difference and share resources that can help us all. No country or citizen is immune to the potential impact of this disease. Yet, from what we are seeing there are places in the world like South Korea and China where rapid actions have led to a quick handling of this pandemic. We need to stay open to learning from those who can help.

  • Recommendations for stopping the spread
  • Big changes need to happen to change the course of COVID-19 – What to do
  • Clear warnings
  • Hamilton doctor warns us in Ontario of what is coming and how clever the virus is
Managing COVID-19 STRESS

There are many ways to manage the stress of this new COVID world. Join us as we discuss this.

  • Take a Media Diet (seriously limit the amount of time you read, or watch COVID related content).
  • Exercise more (even if this means chair exercise, walking about your. apartment/room/house/neighbourhood) – always keeping in mind social distancing
  • Take a class online (right now there are so many programs and online classes that are launching to address the needs of millions of people experiencing quarantine or social isolation) – I took a live yoga class through Instagram Live (but you can meditate, learn to knit, join a book club, etc.).
  • Use this time to do the projects you have wanted to catch up on.
  • Reach out to a friend or family member who you have not had time for.
  • We'll review a letter from Dr. Hollenstein to his students after classes are closed due to COVID.
  • We'll look at what CAMH has to say about COVID.
  • We'll provide free irest meditations to help right now.

Links & Resources:

Access “Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery” with Dr. Anna Baranowsky & Dr. J. Eric Gentry.  You can find the audio recording at:

Another gift back to our community is FREE access to the complete “Trauma Recovery NOW!” audio program.