MSW (equiv.), RSW

Michael is a Mental Health Clinician with a focus on trauma, addiction, and family therapy. He is a former Clinical Lead and Therapist for Bellwood Health Services' PTSD/OSI & Addiction Program specifically designed for members of Canadian Forces and Veteran Affairs Canada, RCMP and other First Responders.

Michael has worked as a group therapist, family therapist and individual therapist. His work with the first responder group over the last 15 years has given him insights, understanding and passion for complex issues resulting from work related traumatic experiences. In addition, he is currently working with clients covered through Victim Services and WSIB Trauma.

He has also spent some years working with the Indigenous population in the North West Territories, as well as having worked as a Counsellor with Kid's Help Phone Line. He is an approved provider for Veterans Affairs Canada.

Michael brings 28 years experience to his practice, as well as a passion for assisting clients to find new ways of coping with trauma symptoms and triggers using a CBT/CPT/DBT/EMDR and Narrative Therapy influenced based approach to help work through all 3 recovery stages: safety and stability, trauma memory processing and reconnection with self and others.