Muslim Loving Peace and looking to a better future

Muslim Loving Peace and looking to a better future - Bear Psychology Radio hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky with guest Raheel Raza.

Raheel Raza, a Muslim Canadian born in Pakistan, migrated to Canada in 1988, has a unique perspective on what is happening right now in the Israel-Hamas war and her reflections on misinformation and what Peace would take.  She has visited Israel 13 times in the 16 years. In her National Post Article “I'm a Muslim and I love Israel. Here's why” published in February 2023, Raza details what she has learned about hate and antisemitism, it’s prevalence in Arab Muslim countries, her hope for Peace and the struggles of supporting Israel at this time.

Listen to our conversation with journalist & author Raheel Raza as we talk about her unique understanding of the current Israel-Hamas conflict, with the perspective as a Muslim Canadian Journalist in Canada.



Raheel Raza has publications in major newspapers in Canada and appearances on International media outlets like CNN, BBC, Fox News and CBC. She is considered an activist for human rights, a prolific author, supporter of women’s issues and an International public speaker. She also sits on the board of directors for Muslims facing Tomorrow and The Council of Muslims against Antisemitism (CMAA).

Raheel Raza has published numerous books including “Their Jihad...Not My Jihad!: A Muslim Canadian Woman Speaks Out” which offers Raza’s insight, opinions and solutions to restoring dignity and respect to Muslims living in the West and “How Can You Possibly be a Muslim Feminist?” where Raza utilizes common sense, a dash of humor and the Qur’an itself to combat against the misogynic barbarism in so many Islamic cultures.

Listen to our conversation with Raheel Raza as we discuss her opinions on extremism, radicalization, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

If you are interested in learning more about Raheel Raza’s story, this show is for you.


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