Ranch Hands Rescue: Animal Sanctuary for Healing Trauma

Ranch Hands Rescue: Animal Sanctuary for Healing Trauma with Clinic Director, Landon Dickeson & CEO Bob Williams on the Bear Psychology Radio Show with Dr. Anna Baranowsky.

Ranch Hands Rescue has a reputation for being a place of refuge for victims who have survived horrific circumstances.  This makes Ranch Hands Rescue a very special place.  Landon Dickeson, Clinical Director & Bill Williams, CEO of Ranch Hands, will be joining us today to share with us the meaningful work they perform with both abused and neglected animals, and the traumatized people that they bring together.

Ranch Hands focuses on the 1-10% of trauma survivors that do not respond well to traditional counselling services.  This includes those struggling with treatment resistant PTSD, including sexually abused children and adults, sex trafficking victims and veterans.  The animal sanctuary houses horses, llamas, goats, sheep and other farm animals where the therapy between human and animals begin to reclaim life, hope and healing.

Let’s spend some time with Bob Williams to better understand how the Ranch integrates this approach to make a difference in the lives of both the people and the animals that they provide care for.

Bob's House of Hope is the newest program, and the first safe house in America for young men who have been sex trafficked.  This project is a big win for those in need.

We talk about the Ranch Hands Rescue approaches to helping at-risk people who bond closely with the animals they encounter, finding solace and healing.

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