M.A. M.Ed.

Rita is a Registered Psychotherapist and a Clinical Traumatologist. She has worked with people of different races, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and age from a strength-based approach.

In her practice she sees people who are dealing with a wide variety of issues such as historic and adult sexual violence, intimate relational violence, workplace violence, including discrimination and sexual/harassment, depression, anxiety, trauma, identity and intimate relational and self-esteem issues. She works empathically and collaboratively with people she sees in her practice to foster a sense of wellbeing in their personal, family, workplace and communities of choice. She believes that her role is to bear witness and facilitate the process of transformation from injury to resiliency, recovery and growth. It is the person seeking the change who makes the change in a collaborative and empathetic therapeutic relation with her as a skilled and competent practitioner.

Rita works primarily with individuals. She also works with couples and family. She uses different forms of therapy such as feminist, solution focused, cognitive behavioural, emotional focused therapy, emotional freedom therapy, trauma and other forms of therapy integrating mindfulness, breath awareness and yogic breathing. Her practice is strongly influenced by identity politics, anti-racism, access, equity and human rights integrating a local and global analysis of power relations.

Rita’s practice is informed by over three decades of work in the non-profit and post-secondary sector and her lived experiences as a survivor living in exile within exile. “The seduction of possibilities” keeps her engaged in personal and systemic transformative equity work in the local and global context with a deep sense of optimism and conviction that change is possible.

Rita Kohli