Staying Centred in a Chaotic World

We discuss how to STOP doing everything for everyone and instead – remain centered and focused on

Christine Arylo is an entrepreneur and author of “Overwhelmed & Over it”. She focuses on shifting from overworking and giving too much to empowering yourself to achieve what matters most to you, receive what you need, and breathe.

Do you tend to overdo and over-give?  Listen to the conversation, and figure out what your drivers are for this behavior, so you can free yourself up to do what truly matters!

On Christine’s website, she asks “Are You Over Giving in Ways That Aren’t Really Necessary?”

Select the link below to complete the “Overwhelmed & Over It, Self-Care Quiz” & Find Out How You May be Adding to Your Own Overwhelm, Burnout & Self-Sacrifice.

Our topic is perfectly timed for the holiday season (Nov 26 is American Thanksgiving). Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Diwali; if you are an over-giver then any time may be a time of over-doing!  Do you want to break the cycle of over-giving and overwhelming yourself?  Join us as we challenge this old habit.

Do you chronically over-give and then feel resentful, frustrated and exhausted?  If you answered yes, then our topic will give you a chance to reflect on how and why this happens.  Even better, we will discuss ways to challenge this tendency, and provide tools to help you navigate life demands without burning out.

I also have to be careful with over-giving and over-doing. I juggle a lot of balls and sometimes, instead of asking for help, I just do the task.  I know I need to share the demands but sometimes it just seems easier to do the task myself. This is especially true if I don’t want to bother someone else who is also busy.  This tendency is quite common and it is worth having the conversation with someone completely immersed in this question like our guest Christine Arylo.

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