Trauma Practice: A Cognitive Behavioral Somatic Therapy- 2023 (Hogrefe)

We are delighted to announce the release of "Trauma Practice:  A Cognitive Behavioral Somatic Therapy" 2023 (Hogrefe). 

New edition of this effective toolbox for treating trauma survivors is even more comprehensive

  • Provides a 4-phrase approach to trauma treatment
  • Details step-by-step guidance on nearly 70 cognitive behavioral and somatic techniques
  • Introduces a new preparatory phase for practitioners
  • Explores therapist self-regulation
  • Includes a chapter on Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy
  • Incorporates the latest evidence base, including polyvagal theory
  • Includes downloadable handouts, and new audio/video material

This popular, practical resource for clinicians caring for trauma survivors has been fully updated and expanded. It remains a key toolkit of cognitive behavioral somatic therapy (CBST) techniques for clinicians who want to enhance their skills in treating trauma. Baranowsky and Gentry help practitioners find the right tools to guide trauma survivors toward growth and healing. Reinforcing this powerful intervention is the addition of a deeper emphasis on the preparatory phase for therapists, including the therapists' own ability to self-regulate their autonomic system during client encounters.

Throughout the acclaimed book, an effective tri-phasic model for trauma treatment is constructed (safety and stabilization; working through trauma; reconnection with a meaningful life) as guiding principle, enabling a phased delivery that is fitted to the survivor's relational and processing style. The authors present, clearly and in detail, an array of techniques, protocols, and interventions for treating trauma survivors (cognitive, behavioral, somatic, and emotional/relational). These include popular and effective CBST techniques, approaches inspired by research on neuroplasticity, and interventions informed by polyvagal theory. Many techniques include links to video or audio material demonstrating how to carry-out the intervention. Further sections are devoted to forward-facing trauma therapy, a safe, effective, and accelerated method of treating trauma, and to clinician self-care.

Over 40 video and audio demonstrations of many of the techniques are available for download. There are also 36 handouts for clients that can be downloaded and printed for clinical use.