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Love & Life Toolbox

Focus on Emotional and Relationship health to strengthen and recover! Covers a broad range of topics and articles by experts.

Gift From Within


Packed with resources, information, and useful tools for those recovering from trauma experiences. Covers a broad range of topics.

Suicide & Crisis Lines

Sometimes when you just need to reach out to someone.  Follow the link to find a list of resources focused on suicide prevention and crisis counselling. START HERE


This is a complicated issue and one that often goes hand in hand with trauma.  There are a few links to consider.  The research on addictions and new approaches are under investigation, so keep up-to-date on options.

The Addiction Recovery Guide

National Institute for Drug Abuse for Teens

Gabor Mate on Addictions

Stress & Anxiety

Just about everyone can benefit from tools and resources to manage symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Even the most steady individuals face troubling times in life.  These resources offer solutions and tools to support you.

Child Anxiety Network

Anxiety - The Complete Home Toolkit

Worksheets and Self-Care

Here are a series of strategies, worksheets, videos and self-care approaches that we have heard great things about.

Therapy WorkSheets

Therapeutic Toolbox & Group Activities

Get Self-Help

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The Trauma Practice approach is a Tri-Phasic model that engages the user in a 3 step Trauma Therapy approach as follows:

1.Find Calm

2.Work Through Trauma

3.Re-engage in a Meaningful Life

Dr. Baranowsky explains the approach