Wellness through Mindfulness Practices

Wellness through Mindfulness Practices - Bear Psychology Radio Show with guest Carla Weinstein hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky.

Are you interested in adding mindfulness, meditation or contemplative exercises into your life to help you manage the demands of daily living or better manage stress and anxiety?  If your answer is yes, then this show will prove to be a perfect fit.  I am excited myself.  I have been a bit lazy with my meditation practice lately and looking forward to getting some guidance myself!

Carla is a lawyer by training but she made a big pivot to wellness and mindfulness teaching.  In her mindfulness work, she brings her focused and precise mind to a creative and healing modality using a trauma-informed lens. In her teaching she integrates an awareness of science and neurobiology to help explain why what she is doing works so well.

Listen to our conversation with the remarkable Carla Weinstein (meditation and contemplative practice guide) as we explore with her meaningful work in delivering Trauma Informed Mindfulness practices.

Building on Carla’s extensive training in yoga, meditation and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, she has been offering programs through the TraumaPractice.org charity for community-based groups since 2020.  Her group programs are the most highly ranked and attended among the charity’s participants.  We follow up with her today to ask, what has made her approach to trauma informed meditation so useful for those attending her programs?

Carla will broadly cover some of the topics addressed in her course, to help us better understand her approach:

  • The Power of Mindfulness: Awareness
  • The Impact of Trauma and the Brain and Body + Meditation Through the Trauma Lens
  • The Neuroscience of Meditation + The Power of Attention
  • Emotional Awareness + Turning Toward
  • Aversion, Avoidance, Resistance + The Suffering Equation
  • Developing a Healing Attention
  • Cognitive Hindrances, Mental Chatter, and Values
  • Self Compassion, Resilience and Equanimity

Listen to our conversation with Carla Weinstein as we discuss why mindfulness is so helpful, what she hears from those taking her programs and how we can build our own practice.

Weinstein shares lessons on how we can each enrich our lives by building a meditation/contemplative practice and what she has learned herself from the work she provides through TraumaPractice.org

If you are interested in developing an enhanced understanding of meditation/mindfulness practices then this show is for you.

Links & Resources:

Materials to Reference:

  • Trauma Informed Meditation practices explained. Brother Phap Linh shares how to recognize trauma in ourselves and those around us (plum village): youtu.be/TOutCopkf3E
  • Dr. Jeff Terrant, psychologist discusses trauma informed meditation practices and what it means to be trauma informed: youtu.be/qTYTciz3bM4
  • Yoga with Adrienne provides a yoga practice for PTSD: youtu.be/TqVSwY8y3UY
  • Dr. Bessel van der Kolk discusses 6 approaches to heal from trauma without medication:  youtu.be/ZoZT8-HqI64

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