Why your coping skills stop working

Free Yourself from Unhelpful Habits - Bear Psychology Radio Show hosted by Dr. Anna Baranowsky with guest Richard Brouillette.

Experiencing stressful or traumatic experiences during childhood leads us to develop certain coping mechanisms to get us through. While these strategies might have helped us feel secure when younger, they often fail us in adulthood. Richard Brouillette’s book “Your Coping Skills Aren't Working: How to Break Free from the Habits that Once Helped You But Now Hold You Back” offers an evidence-based guide using multiple therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), schema therapy, and attachment theory to help readers leave behind unhelpful coping strategies that keep us stuck in self-sabotaging cycles.

Listen to our conversation with social worker & author Richard Brouillette as we discuss how to break free from habits that keep you from realizing your full potential.



Brouillette is a Social Worker and a schema therapist. He focuses on helping creatives, professionals, and business owners who have reached a performance plateau and want to reduce anxiety, find fulfillment, and strengthen bonds with others. He is also a trauma therapist with experience treating survivors of war. Brouillette was involved in a program in New York City aimed at supporting individuals' creativity and motivation while engaged in achieving exciting community goals.

“Your Coping Skills Aren’t Working” focuses on identifying your unhealthy coping mechanisms acquired earlier in life; understand the reasons behind them; discover how to break negative behavior patterns that prevent you from leading a happy life. Along with learning how to develop clarity, stability, and confidence in oneself, it also teaches the reader effective techniques for giving voice to your unfulfilled preferences, vision and desires.

Listen to our conversation with Richard Brouillette and learn to leave behind damaging childhood experiences and dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

If you are interested in learning about how to not let your past need determine your future, this show is for you.


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