Writing as a Healing Tool

Writing as a Healing Tool -- Bear Psychology Radio Show with Albert Flynn DeSilver and Dr. Anna Baranowsky.

Writing can be used as a powerful tool for self-healing.  We all have a unique journey as we grow and evolve.  The beauty of the practice of writing is that it is available to help us anytime and anywhere.

Albert Flynn DeSilver is a gifted writer and author coach.  He provides online programmes for exactly this type of experience and opens the door to honest dialogue for healing in his work.

His profound book, “Writing as a Path to Awakening” opens the reader up to self-examination and the use of the written word as a courageous personal growth strategy.

Albert Flynn DeSilver would like to offer up to 10 of our listeners a FREE 30 minute creative writing strategy/coaching call, which is open until June 15th. First come first served. People who are interested can book a call at https://www.calendly.com/asisowl/30min

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In Albert’s memoir “Beamish Boy,” he shares his own personal journey of going from suicidal alcoholic to widely published author and spiritual teacher, showing how writing can be central to a healing path.  The book is filled with moments of life challenges that awaken us to remember how our life stories are also our pathway to healing and self-understanding.  He inspires the reader to become more compassionate with themselves, as they reflect on their own troubling experiences, and reminds us how to integrate the suffering through writing and embodied presence. This is the practice of truth-telling through writing; in which writing (telling) the story helps to let go of the story—until one day we find ourselves reconnected to life, waking up to the freedom and love that is our very nature.

Albert has worked with numerous international bestselling authors like Cheryl Strayed, Dani Shapiro, and Elizabeth Gilbert, among others. These authors have been an inspiration for millions and an opportunity for individuals to better understand how unpackaging your life story can lead to personal growth.

Albert offers a creative writing program online that features a mindful approach to increase inspiration, transformation and celebration from the inside out.  For information:  https://www.albertflynndesilver.com/program

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